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  • Deposits and Withdrawals > Withdrawal of Rupiah or Digital Assets > How to move my funds from to my bank account?
  • How to move my funds from to my bank account?

  • Here's how to move the Rupiah balance on a account to your personal bank account?

    1.    Login to 

    2.    Click Home - Rupiah Withdrawal

    3.    Enter the amount of Rupiah you want to transfer to a personal bank account. We charge 0.8% for withdrawal of money over Rp. 3,000,000. As for money withdrawals below that value, we charge a fee of Rp. 25,000.

    1.     Nominal money that you will withdraw to your account  

    2.    Admin withdrawal fees

    3.    Amount of Rupiah that you will get after deducting admin fees

    4.    The bank that you will choose for withdrawal, almost all of our banks in Indonesia support

    5.    Your account number (must match the name you cannot borrow)

    6.    Verification can use sms by sending code, it will send the code to your sms, or with a Google Authenticator Pin & nbsp; if it is active

    7.    After that you can click withdraw

    4.    After that you will get a Withdrawal request success notice

    5.    Check the confirmation email in your email and click 'Confirm Withdraw'.

    6.    You can check the withdraw status at the Deposit Withdraw History

    7.    Wait for our finance team to validate your withdrawal. The withdrawal process can take up to 1 bank business day because it passes the LLG / Clearing system.

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