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  • How to Verification on

  • 1. Full Name: fill in full name
    2. Place Of Birth: fill in the date of birth
    3. Gander: filled with gender
    4. Date of Birth: filled with date of birth and year of birth
    5. Nationality: fill in the place of your country
    6. Select Province: fill in with the province
    7. City: fill in where your city lives
    8. Postcode: fill in the postal code
    9. Phone: fill with phone number priority
    10. Alternative Phone: fill in with an alternative cell phone number
    11.Occupation: filled with your work
    12.Address: fill in the address you live
    13. ID Card: Choose the ID card/ driver's ID card/passport * 
    14. ID number: fill in the number you chose
    15. Identity Document: fill in the upload passport document, ID card
    16.Select Verification: fill in with a photo of yourself along with the verification sheet

    *For the process of verifying personal data Specifically, Non-Indonesian citizens are required to use a KITAS / Passport

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