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  • Getting Started > SECURITY > How to Activate Two-Factor Authentication (Google Auth/2FA) on the website.
  • How to Activate Two-Factor Authentication (Google Auth/2FA) on the website.

  • How to Activate Two-Factor Authentication (Google Auth/2FA) on the website.


    To activate 2-Factor Authentication for your account at, members can follow these steps:

    1. Login on

    2. Click Account -> Security


    3. Make sure before activating Google 2FA you have activated the phone number and activated the PIN. For Phone Number Activation, make sure to use the Phone number that you registered when carrying out the verification process for your data.


    4. Then for PIN activation, make sure you enter a 6-digit number PIN that is easy to remember because the PIN is useful for the Withdrawal process.


    5. Then if you have activated the Phone Number & PIN to activate Google 2FA, click Activate.


    6. A display like the following appears, Install the Google Authenticator application on Google Play & App Store first. Then click next.


    7. The Barcode and Backup Code display will appear. Make sure in the backup code column you have saved the code. If you don't know how to activate Google Authenticator/2FA Click Activation Guide


    8. Then click next, the following screen will appear, enter the Email Verification code and the Google Authenticator/2FA Verification code.

    9. The next step to activate Google Authenticator/2FA is to open Google Authenticator on your Mobile/Desktop (If you haven't downloaded it yet, go back to step 5)

    10. Click the + image in the right corner

    11. 2 options will appear Scan a QR code (which has a camera) or Enter a setup key (which has a keyboard) select one.


    12. If using a barcode, open the display which displays the QR code as in step no 6. then scan the barcode, if you select Enter a setup key, the enter account detail display will appear on Google Authenticator, Enter your Account name, then Your Key which can be copied paste from the guide in step no 6 which reads the codes in "Backup Key", the Type of Key selects "Time Based" if you have clicked Add.


    13. On the Google Authenticator display, a 6-digit number will appear along with the account name, use the 6-digit number and enter it in the Google Verification Code section on the display. Due to the duration on Google Authenticator, make sure you always enter the latest code.



    14. If you have entered the Email verification code and Google verification code, select Next

    15.. Google 2FA has been successfully activated and your security status is high. You can make withdrawals safely

     Noted: Never share your Google Auth PIN or code with anyone including


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