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  • Getting Started > SECURITY > Activate PIN On Mobile Apps
  • Activate PIN On Mobile Apps

  • Login at


    1. Download the application on the Android Playstore

    2. After that, install the application

    3. login to the application

    4. click gate code then you will get a code email

  has a new feature for the pin feature, with the pin feature, for WD Asset and WD IDR you can use this pin, then how do you activate it, follow the steps.


    After logging in to, there will be a modal (popup to activate) the PIN

    Apart from the pop-up, you can activate the pin in the security menu
    Click the pin guard menu

    Fill in the pin you want, you have to remember the PIN
    Repeat for the pin confirmation you made above

    Congratulations, your pin is active and can be used to withdraw rupiah and asset

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