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  • Getting Started > SECURITY > How to do a 2FA reset on
  • How to do a 2FA reset on

  • Hi, Kriptopers!

    Are you confused about losing Google Authenticator (2FA)? No need to be confused, it's very easy. Follow the guide below!


    1. Using Keycode

    If you still have the key code you got when you activated Google Authenticator (2FA) in your previous account, enter the key code in Google Authenticator (2FA) on your new device. You will easily be able to log back in


    2. Lost Key Code/2FA Lost

    If you don't save your 2FA keycode/loss, you can submit a Google Authenticator (2FA) reset request via our Support team via email by sending a Google Authenticator (2FA) reset/loss request as follows:


    1). Make sure to send the email according to the email registered at


    2). Send the email to the [email protected] account with the subject “Reset 2FA request for an account [insert your username] at”

    Example: 2Fa reset request for Michellia account on”


    3). Please send supporting verification documents in the form of:

    a. Photo ID according to the one used when verifying the account

    Example: Photo (KTP, SIM or Passport)


    b. Selfie photo with a sheet of paper in the following format below:

    Permohonan Reset 2FA (username) (nama lengkap user) di








    4). Processing time by our team is approximately 1x24 hours

    5). For security reasons, after the 2FA reset has been carried out by our team, you cannot WD IDR, assets and also make vouchers for the next 2x24 hours.


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