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  • What is Wincashcoin?

  • Wincash coin is a cryptocurrency with SHA-256 algorithm, Pow, PoS, and Masternode. This coin is a cryptocurrency used as payment system in all Wincash projects. Wincash coin is established since august 2018 and has been used by thousand of people as a way of transaction in some of Wincash projects. Wincash coin uses PoW/PoS hybrid mechanism in the blockchain network to prevent 51% attack that commonly become a fatal issue in many new launched cryptocurrencies.
    Wincash Coin developers aims to make WCC to become the best digital asset by creating an open platform for anyone with the brilliant ideas to make partnership for funding and development. Wincash has team of blockchain experts, developers, and group of investors that are ready to welcome any potential projects to be part of Wincash Coin ecosystem

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