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  • What are the uses of USDT Tether?

  •         Tether or USDT is one crypto token that has a ratio of 1: 1 to US dollars. Tether is a stable class that is offered to keep its value stable and different from Bitcoin and Altcoin which are always up and down. This makes stablecoin can be used as a substitute tool as well as an investment model that is not complete with mere speculation. 

    Specifically, Tether was developed as a link between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, to provide users with approval, security and minimum transaction values.

    Then what will be listed on Which will be listed is Tether USDT. The main purpose of the USDT is to become a stable cryptocurrency and be able to conduct financial transactions. USDT Stands on several networks such as Omni, ERC20 and TRC20. The network used at is ERC20 (Smart Contract Ethereum)




    What are the uses of Tether USDT

    The use of USDT Tether as a stable coin can be used as a means of exchange as well as an investment model that is not too volatile

    Also, it can be a temporary place in the market before being used for trading, because if used as Bitcoin or Altcoin is very unstable and very volatile

    ·             Many parents send money abroad for school/college fees but still use conventional methods, which are time-consuming and costly. With this USDT Tether cost and time can be cut because in addition to being fast. The costs incurred are also very cheap.

    ·       USDT Tether traveler can also be used, because if stored conventionally, a large admin fee will be deducted, and must find a money changer, by using USDT Tether all of that can be eliminated because abroad there are many hotel or restaurant payments using Bitcoin, so it's enough to sell USDT Tether into Bitcoin according to your needs.

    ·       For families or relatives who work abroad want to send money can also use Tether USDT because the admin costs are cheap and the time to arrive can be faster in a matter of minutes

    What are you waiting for, let's buy and sell USDT Tether at


    Benefits Obtained When Using USDT Tether

           Every time you buy and sell USDT Tether transactions at you can get point these points can be exchanged for attractive merchandise and prizes at

    USDT tethering at uses the ERC20 network which can make transfers between markets faster.

    By using the arbitrage features in you can more easily make buying and selling between markets because the process of moving using the USDT Tether is more stable and not too volatile

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