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  • Terms of Deposit

  • If your identity has been verified (in accordance with the Identity Verification requirements), you can deposit your Local Currency into your Wallet by transferring funds to the bank account ("Deposit"). 

    Details of the bank account where you must make a Deposit will be displayed to you by, and the bank account will be executed and operated by the operating entity in your country or region (for more information about this entity, see page Company Information on the website. 

    You accept and agree that any information that you provide to can be shared with that local entity, which will process Local Currency transactions in accordance with instructions. Payment methods that you can use to make a Local Currency Deposit depend on the country where you live, and are listed on the Fees and Features page on the website (for this Provision, "Supported Deposit Methods"). 

    If you have made a Deposit using a Supported Deposit Method, and have complied with the Deposit Terms (explained below), your Deposit will be allocated to your Wallet. Due to legal and operational limitations, you must strictly comply with the following Deposit requirements ("Deposit Terms"):

    1.    You can only make a Deposit from a bank account (or other Supported Deposit Method) on your own behalf. You may not allow any third party to deposit into your Digital Exchange account;

    2.    You can only make a Local Currency Deposit from a bank account (or other Supported Deposit Method) that matches the deposit methods available in your country or region;

    3.    You are not allowed to use cash or check when making a deposit. has the right to refuse all deposits in the form of cash or checks. If decides, in our full policy, to allow a Deposit in the form of cash or checks on a special basis, such Deposit allocations will be postponed to provide a place for fraud and compliance checks, and Cash Deposit Fines (see Fees and Features page on website) will be charged. Every account that receives more than one deposit of cash or check can, in full policy by, be suspended for an indefinite period of time.

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