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  • Digital Assets > Provisions Regarding the Digital Asset Buying Market > Investment Warning & Crypto Asset Disposal Terms (delist)
  • Investment Warning & Crypto Asset Disposal Terms (delist)

  • Hi Cryptopers!

    In order to provide a convenient and smooth crypto asset trading service to our fellow users, we provide several assets with Crypto Asset Investment Alert information.

    This Investment Alert aims to protect our users and to build a good ecosystem, has set and announced the Crypto Asset Investment Warning in accordance with applicable regulations. Crypto assets that have been designated as Crypto Asset Investment Alerts need to work with to resolve the reasons for the appointment and future plans to protect investors. Further decisions on renewal, termination of appointment, or end of transaction support will be made accordingly. If within that duration you cannot get good feedback, the asset will be removed from the market (Delist).

    Crypto assets registered on the market will be delisted or cannot be listed on the market if they are proven to be included in one of the following conditions:

    1. Entered into the blacklist of the OJK Investment Alert task force.
    2. Very low classified trading volume on the market.
    3. Requests from government agencies, especially BAPPEPTI.
    4. There is a legal case with
    5. Policies and considerations from management.

    ATTENTION! Trading crypto assets is a high-risk activity. Crypto asset prices are highly volatile, where prices can change significantly from time to time. Please use extra consideration in making decisions to buy or sell crypto assets. All digital asset trading decisions are independent decisions by the user.

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