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  • DEX Masccot Competition

  • Program Details

    Event Name: DEX Masccot Competition
    Period: 7/27/2020 - 8/28/2020
    Winner Announcement: 9/9/2020

    Total Price: Rp. 4,500,000
    Main Winner: Rp. 3,000,000
    Favorite Winner: Rp. 1,500,000

    1. The mascot is designed with various poses / styles (minimum 5 models).
    2. Free themes, colors and shapes, can be adjusted to the idea of ​​creativity.
    3. The mascot must be able to explain philosophy and describe as a platform for buying and selling digital assets that are safe, comfortable and reliable.
    4. Name your mascot character and describe the meaning of each design element that you created.
    5. Names, designs, and explanations of meanings may not contain SARA, POLITICS and PORNOGRAPHY.
    6. The work of the selected mascot design will become the property of

    Design Results Collection Method:
    1. Submit the mascot's work to email: [email protected].
    2. Use the following email format on the body of the email you sent:

    Full name :
    Complete address :
    Email address:
    Age :
    Phone Number:
    Occupation :
    Social Media Accounts: (must match the account used to post the work on social media)
    Design Philosophy :

    3. Upload your work in the email in jpeg, jpg, png or pdf format (minimum 500kb maximum 1MB).
    4. Upload mascot's work on social media each participant on the Instagram platform (mandatory) and Facebook / Twitter (choose one) in the form of feeds and stories, then tag @digitalexchangeid.
    5. The number of likes in the feed of each participant will be one of the evaluation criteria.
    6. Subscribe to YouTube channel and follow all social media.
       - Facebook :
       - Instagram : digitalexchangeid
       - Twitter : @digiexchangeid
       - Youtube : digitalexchangeid

    7. Send Direct Message Instagram Digitalexchangeid to confirm delivery of the mascot design.
    8. Selected winner must send the master file to in Ai / Psd format.

    Assessment criteria :
    1. Can describe from the work of the mascot that was made in detail, such as the selection of character shapes, colors etc.
    2. Can show that DEX is a Safe, Comfortable and Reliable Digital Asset and Purchase Platform.
    3. Able to represent the mascot design visually.
    4. The mascot must be attractive in terms of the name and aesthetics of the target market.
    5. The number of likes on each participant's post, will be one of the assessment criteria.
    6. For more complete information about please visit the official website at address: or official social media

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