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  • Deposits and Withdrawals > Withdrawal of Rupiah or Digital Assets > How to withdraw USDT Tether in
  • How to withdraw USDT Tether in

  • The existence of USDT Tether in can be made a temporary storage area after earning a profit because this USDT is stable because the ratio is 1: 1 to USD, so when Bitcoin and Altcoin experience a significant decrease, your asset estimation will not decrease much.


    1.    The thing to note for making USDT withdrawals is the network that is used, because if it has a different network then the wallet will also be different.

    2.    Make sure the USDT wallet in another market uses ERC20 then generate the wallet.

    3.    Click withdrawal in for the quantity to be filled with the amount of USDT that will be withdrawn or withdrawn.

    4.    The address is filled with the USDT wallet you want to go to.

    5.     Then click Withdraw.

               6.  Confirm the email to ensure delivery.

           7.Such is the process of making a withdrawal at



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