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  • Deposits and Withdrawals > Rupiah Deposit or Digital Assets > How do I deposit to use BCA?
  • How do I deposit to use BCA?

  • Deposit Rupiah Virtual account BCA Mobile 

    1. Request deposit in advance on the front page

    2. Then, go to the warning page, click “I Understand, Continue Deposit


    3. Then enter the amount to be deposited, and select the transfer method that will be used

    4. After the details of the deposit amount appear, click on transfer to Bank BNI Virtual Account (VA)

    5. After that, information on the virtual account number and username will appear

    6. Then, transfer via BCA Mobile, after logging in, a display like this will appear

    7. Click m-Transfer, then select Transfer List, then select Interbank then fill in the destination Account Number with the virtual account number that appears on the DEX website, select BNI Bank, then click send

    8. After the account number is registered, Return to the transfer menu then select Transfer then select Interbank, select Bank, Enter the destination account number that was registered earlier, enter the deposit amount, then click send and click ok.

    9. After making the transfer, check the bell to see the notification, if it is successful, there will be information as below

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