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  • EVENT > On Going Event > Extra Point Event (Asset Deposit Getting Points)
  • Extra Point Event (Asset Deposit Getting Points)

  • he Extra Point Deposit event is COMING!
    Asset deposit capital can you get profit & Iphone 11 Pro 256 Gb? want to know how? let's join the Extra Point Event! You only need to deposit TRON or Doge assets and get points that can be exchanged for iPhone 11 Pro!

    Event Details: - Valid period only from 8 January 2021 - 12 January 2021.

    - For 1x deposit, a minimum deposit of TRON assets of 2500 TRX or dogs of 8500 dogs will get 200 points. ( Select one )
    - When making an asset deposit must choose one (half TRX and half doge)
    - To take part in this event, a minimum deposit of TRON assets of 2500 TRX or Doge of 8500 Doges per deposit, does not apply for multiples (Co: Deposit 5000 TRX still get 200 points / Deposit 17,000 Doge still get 200 points)
    - Users can deposit more than once in 1 day
    - Point distribution will be given H + 2 after the event ends
    - has the right to cancel the gift if there is a fraud.
    - All decisions from are final and cannot be contested.

    When else can I get an iPhone 11 Pro 256 Gb asset deposit! get the chance to double points in this period, then continue to collect as many points as you can to get the chance to get the prize! Get as many points as possible!

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