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  • Event guess the difference in images

  • Yuhuuuu, time to play guesswork friends! 😍🎉 Want an exclusive thermos from 😱 Come on, just join in this giveaway by guessing the difference in the picture below? Hey, do you know the difference between the pictures? 🤪
    Don't forget to fulfill the following conditions:
    1. FOLLOW Instagram @digitalexchangeid
    2. LIKE & SHARE this post
    3. Write your answers as much as you can with the hashtag #DexQuiz #Perbedaangambar #Tebaktebakan and tag 3 of your friends
    4. The giveaway period runs until December 28, 2020
    5. Announcement of winners on 29 December 2020
    6. Three (3) winners will receive an Exclusive Thermos from
    7. Winners are selected from the most active in all Social Media The more active you are, the greater your chance to win.
    8. This giveaway is only valid on digitalexchangeid's official Facebook and Instagram accounts
    Come on, answer as much as possible, and be active on all social media accounts.

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