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  • Arbitrage Tools Premium Features

  • has several features, one of which is Arbitrage Tools, Arbitrage is looking for the difference between buying and selling between markets to get profit. What's in this arbitrage premium?

    1. Market is a digital asset that is traded

    2. Last is the last price on

    3. Bid is the purchase price information on

    4. Ask is selling price information on

    5. Huobi is information on asset prices in hobbies, for (red is the information% difference with the market in red, which means we buy in the huobi market and sell at

    6. Bittrex is information on asset prices in bittrex, for (green color is information% difference with market, green color means we buy on the market and sell on Bittrex

    7. Binance is price information in the Binance market

    Note: If the percent is red then buy at the exchange and then sell it to the market, on the other hand, if the percent is blue, then buy at and sell in that market.

    There are still many other markets to look for price differences that have been provided with information by this arbitrage tool, tips for getting profit are to buy or sell when there is a difference of 2% because every time you make a delivery or transfer between markets, there will be a shipping fee, each asset is different.

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