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  • Getting Started > Registration & Account Requirements > Chat Room Agreement and Rules
  • Chat Room Agreement and Rules


    By using the Chat Room facility, you agree to the following agreement:

    Chat rooms were created with the intention of facilitating users to be able to discuss with each other about crypto assets and the development of blockchain technology.
    PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange is not responsible for any losses arising from the use of chat rooms.
    PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange is not responsible for any transactions that occur due to communications through chat rooms.
    PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange does not guarantee that the information provided in Chat Rooms is correct.
    PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange has the right to revoke member access to the Chat Room facility if it is indicated that they have committed a violation.
    Chat Room users must comply with the following:
    Use of profanity is prohibited.
    It is forbidden to spread hatred, slander, and defamation.
    Discussions that offend SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group) are prohibited.
    It is prohibited to spread any URL - URL link that is fraudulent, hacking, phishing, or unofficial social media.
    It is forbidden to share URL links - affiliate URLs.
    Prohibited from promoting the product continuously (SPAM).
    It is prohibited to promote Ponzi programs, any investment programs, or money games such as HYIPs or other gambling activities in the Chat Room.
    Flooding Chat Room with meaningless words or characters is prohibited so that it disturbs the comfort of other Chat Room users.
    Discussions that violate Indonesian laws are prohibited.
    It is prohibited to trigger quarrels between members.
    It is prohibited to leave messages that directly or indirectly insult or damage the good name of the PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange and all of its staff.
    It is prohibited to pretend to be an admin / official employee of PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange, or providing information on behalf of the company PT. Indonesia Digital Exchange without prior authorization.
    It is prohibited to ask other members for Crypto Assets or Vouchers on any basis in the Chat Room. If there is a need for a transaction, please do it personally and privately.
    It is prohibited to vilify any assets, tokens, or coins without any basis for factual explanation.
    The languages ​​allowed are Indonesian and English.
    Minor violations in the Chat Room will be subject to temporary (7-30 days) ban on members. For serious violations, members will be banned permanently from the chat room.

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