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  • All users must register at ( for accounts before using this site. To register an account, you must provide your real name, email address, and password, and accept our Terms and Conditions. Depending on certain conditions and at our sole discretion, we can refuse to open an account for you.

    • You hereby agree that the process of becoming you will only be effective after all requirements have been fulfilled by you and the registration process has gone through a verification process to be approved by All risks arising in connection with the closing/blocking/ freezing of accounts caused by your mistakes and/or negligence, will be your responsibility and will not provide compensation to you or any party in any form for any claims / claims and compensation from you or any party in connection with the closing of the account.
    • All data, information, information, statements, documents obtained by regarding you, will become the property of and has the right to verify, match, assess, keep confidential or use them for purposes in accordance with legal provisions which applies without the obligation of to notify or request approval, provide any guarantee or compensation and for any reason to you.
    • We will regulate, manage and supervise according to the procedures/procedures established by Us for all data, information, information, statements, documents or anything related to you or your business activities or transactions related to your account.
    • You hereby give consent and authorization to to use all data, information, and information obtained by regarding you including but not limited to the use of your personal communication facilities for all other purposes insofar as it is possible and permitted by applicable laws. , including those aimed at marketing products or other party products that cooperate with For data usage that requires the consent of others, you hereby declare that you have given written approval to any third party for the use of such data, information, and information, and therefore will hereby not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to you and any party for any risks, demands, claims and or compensation that may arise in the future in connection with the use of data, information and information that has obtained such written approval by

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