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  • The advantages of trading at

    For now, there are many exchanges or digital assets both in Indonesia and abroad, was born from a team that is reliable and experienced in the field of digital assets so that all forms of deficiencies that exist in other markets are at Then what are the advantages of trading at Here are some points that are the advantages of

            1. has advanced trading, which has more advanced tools for professional traders

            2. Listing of digital assets that already have big names and the best order on coinmarketcap

            3. Every activity at will get points that can be exchanged for attractive prizes and

                premium merchandise

            4. has premium features, including arbitrage, which makes it easy for traders to sell

                buy between markets to find the difference in price, with arbitrage tools you are given realtime information that you have to buy

                assets where and where to sell

            5. Discounts for trading fees at are not too high

            6. Withdrawal only 0.8% is not very high

            7. has a stop loss feature that reduces losses when digital asset prices are too volatile

            8. Affiliate program (inviting friends to invest in is also very attractive

            9. also supports digital assets that are usually mined by most people, so they don't

                need to be sold on the outside market, so that the shipping cost cuts are getting smaller

            10. is also supported by major technology companies in Indonesia so that security is guaranteed

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