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  • EVENT > On Going Event > Special Referral Event Januari Maret
  • Special Referral Event Januari Maret

  • Want to get 3 benefits at once in 1 event? This time is holding an interesting event, namely the "Top Referral Contest Event" with a total prize of 5 million Rupiah. You will also get points from the results of your referrals which can be exchanged for attractive prizes!

    It's easy. You only need to spread your referral link as much as possible to your friends/relatives.
    Event Details:
    * Top Referral Contest Event Period: 01 January 2021 00:00 WIB - 31 March 2021 23:59 WIB
    * Announcement of the Winners of the Top Referral Contest Event on April 3, 2021
    * Prize distribution for the Top Referral Contest Event 3 working days after the announcement of the winner.

    Prize Details
    Each - each will get a prize: worth Rp. 1,000,000 for 5 winners.

    Terms and Conditions:
    * Not an employee of and their families.
    * Already registered and verified at
    * The winner will be determined based on the most referrals during the event period.
    * Referrals will count until the one you refer to verifies.
    * Referrals who do not verify themselves will not be included in the calculation.
    * If during the event it is known that cheating, abuse, or any form of suspicious activity has occurred, then the user who took the action will be disqualified from the event.
    * You may be penalized if you invite a friend through abusive methods or fraudulent information.
    * The winner of the referral competition can only win a maximum of 3 times in a row, if one account has won more than 3 times in a row then the prize will be given to the next rank, and so on.
    * All decisions from is final and cannot be contested.

    Limited period! Come on, what are you waiting for, immediately follow the event and get lots of benefits!

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