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  • Digital Assets > Information > Chainpay & Wincashcoin Delisting Information
  • Chainpay & Wincashcoin Delisting Information

  • Hi Cryptopers! has always been committed to providing quality Crypto Assets for trading. Therefore, to provide security for members against traded crypto assets, refers to government regulations. We will delist any Crypto Assets that do not meet the criteria. The crypto assets are Chainpay (Cpay) and Wincashcoin (WCC). This is done for the following reasons:


    Not whitelisted for CoFTRA, low volume, developers not developing according to the roadmap, and inaccessible websites.


    For members who have Chainpay (Cpay) and Wincashcoin (WCC) assets, please note that: As of July 18, 2022, at 11.59 WIB, all asset trading activities will be closed, if you still have pending orders, they will be automatically canceled (auto-change). canceled). After the two assets are removed from the market, you don't have to worry about your Asset Chainpay (Cpay) and Wincashcoin (WCC) balance because they will still be safely stored in our system. Members who still have the two assets can still access the asset withdrawal wallet, but all members are advised to withdraw the assets according to the specified date.


    Thank you


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