How to apply for a replacement Mobile Number via Email

In connection with Mobile Number and Google Authenticator (2FA), we are the means to verify account ownership, so if both of these facilities cannot be used, we must verify account ownership more rigorously to avoid taking over the account by unauthorized persons.
With the foregoing consideration, to make changes to Mobile Nowhere Google Authenticator is also inaccessible, Members need to apply for the replacement of Mobile No manually by:

  1. Member sends an email with Subject:
    "Request for Change of Mobile Number for an account [username] at";
  2. Email Body:
    I hereby, as the account owner of:
    Username: (username of members registered at
    Full Name: (Full name according to ID card)
    Email Address: (Member email address registered at
    Apply to manually replace a Mobile No:
    From Old Mobile No:
    Become No, New Mobile:
    With reason :
  3. Attach
    a. Photo ID / ID card;
    b. A photo of yourself holding a piece of paper that says

    CHANGE NO Mobile
    From: [Old Cellphone Number]
    Becomes: [New Cellphone Number]

    [member name] [date]
    [Username] [signed member]

    Note the member signature must match the signature on the KTP

  4. The email is sent to our support email ([email protected])

  5. In sending email members must use the email that was registered at before
  6. Manually replacing mobile numbers can only be done to change the number of the main cellphone, to change the alternative cellphone number can be done by himself after the main cellphone number has been successfully replaced with a new cellphone number that can be accessed by members

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