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Hi, friends, for deposits in there are 2 ways the first by using virtual accounts and by manual transfer, the two have different fees. Deposits using virtual accounts are faster but the deduction or fee is greater if using a bank manual, there is no fee if it is still 1 bank, but if it is different, it still has a large fee.

then how to deposit to quickly but cheap fees? how can I use OVO then how is it done?

1. Enter the dashboard then click on deposit and fill in the nominal to be deposited, fill in also use what and the method

2. After that, select BNI bank manual transfer

3. After that, there will be information we are requested to transfer according to the nominal listed, and also transfer to the account number that has been listed "Deposit value must match"

4. Deposit to your OVO, according to the nominal you will transfer to, don't forget the nominal is not round but there is a unique code after your ovo application is open then click the transfer

5. Pilih transfer ke rekening bank

6. Select the Destination Bank "Bank BNI" Account Number "Account Number and fill in Nominal Transfer" by what we are going to deposit, don't forget the unique code.

You can also use the VA method if you want to do the transaction and only get a fee from the VA BNI fee of Rp. 4,000

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