How to verify your account users are required to register themselves, then how? below is the way to register and verify your personal data:

  • Click the account menu then select my profile

  • Click Submit Verification Document

  • Fill out the form according to your data

  1. Fill in your full name according to ID KTP/Passport
  2. Fill with Place of birth date
  3. Fill with Gender
  4. Fill with Date and year of birth
  5. Fill with the State
  6. Fill with the Province
  7. Fill with City
  8. Fill with your cellphone
  9. Fill with Postal Code
  10. Fill with Alternative Phone
  11. Fill in your Occupation
  12. Fill in your residence address
  13. Select ID Card (KTP or Passport)
  14. Fill with ID Card (KTP/Passport) Number
  15. Upload photo of your ID Card (KTP/Passport)
  16. Upload a photo of yourself along with a verification sheet like the example in figure 17

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