How do you buy and sell on

Some information that must be known before buying and selling:

  • To make a sell order, the user must already have a Digital Asset to be sold.
  • Meanwhile, to make a purchase order, the member must have a sufficient Rupiah balance to make the transaction.

To buy Digital Assets, for example, members want to buy Bitcoin (BTC). The steps that must be done are:  

  1. Click menu Market Di

  2. Select the digital asset that you want to buy, after that it will enter the market of the digital asset to do the buying and selling process, there is a bid / ask column below the graph.
  3. To make a purchase order, the member must enter the total Rupiah data that will be bought for Digital Assets and the desired price. While for selling orders, the member must enter the total selling of Digital Assets they want to sell and the selling price of the Rupiah they want.

  4. Total purchase of Rupiah can also be entered by clicking on the box button that contains the presentation to do the total assets or rupiahs that will be traded.
  5. Once filled, click buy / sell, then there will be a confirmation column whether you place an order or not.
  6. Select ok to continue, after ok then there will be an order in the market.

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