What is market maker?


Market Maker is a digitalexchange.id member that sells or buys digital assets using queue prices, or in other words, using the ‘Limit 'method.

Say the price of digital assets (for example Bitcoin) is currently IDR 56,000,000 per BTC. If the member wants to buy Digital Assets of IDR 20,000,000 at the price of IDR 50,000,000 per BTC by filling out the form to buy bitcoin. When the member has confirmed the order, the order will enter with pending / pending status until the BTC price drops to Rp. 50,000,000 per BTC as the new member wants then the member order will be executed (Done).

The pending order will be listed in the Order Book, and as such, the member has become a Market Maker. The point is to become a Market Maker, members must make purchases with prices below the highest market selling prices, or make sales at prices below the highest buy market prices.

Market Maker is a member subject to a 0.10% transaction fee in the process of Selling / Buying Digital Assets and can transact Digital Assets at the price the member wants. The disadvantage is that the member has to queue until the price moves to touch the price the member wants.

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