How to change the account name after the verification process

You are required to send the old name and new name of the account holder, username, e-mail, telephone number, soft copy and ID card number used (KTP / Passport). will process data matching and will confirm via a telephone number to the telephone number registered in your account to avoid fraud. If the change process has passed, the account name will change according to your wishes. 

Regarding the change of name of this account, Examples of reasons that are allowed are: misspelling of the name, wanting to change the name to the name of the parent because it is not old enough or the name of the husband/wife because they do not have a bank account in their own name In the matter if the name of the account owner still has a relationship between relatives or parents, your candidate is required to send a Family Card soft copy to [email protected] with the subject ‘ Account Name Replacement Data Completion. If your relationship with the owner of the name is a conjugal relationship, your candidate is required to send a copy of the Marriage Certificate.

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